What Is IC8 - Meta 8 Project ?

IC8 contains 8888 Infinity Chickens in the Meta 8, the play-to-earn gaming project based on the Internet Computer Protocol platform. In addition, Meta 8 offers plenty of rewards to IC8 NFT holders. You can also earn more NFTs and ICP tokens by joining Metaverse.

Road map

Q1 2022

Started producing NFTs. After that, introduce IC8 project to community. Next, whitelist early supporters. Once the price has been determined by community voting, NFTs will be launched shortly. After selling all these, reserve 25% of the sales in Infinity Space Station treasury. In the future, contribute periodic profits to it. Launch Date: March 8th 2022.

Q3 2022

Q2 2022 - Launch 8888 pets in gameplay. Create 8888 pets (will be named later) in future GameFi. Then, add the active project supporters to Whitelist, who can claim 444 free pets. After that, launch another 4000 pets on Entrepot.app. Finally, store the remaining 4444 pets in testnet server.

Q3 2022

Q3 Q4 2022: Build NFTs gameplay using Infinity Chickens and pets according to the later-developed concept by ICE Studio. Then, airdrop testnet slots to active contributors (*) . This means they could claim the 4444 pets (free of charge) in testnet server. (*)active contributors: people supporting our project fervently, for example, by engaging with project contests, helping other members and/or speaking favorably of our project on media sites.

Q4 2022

IC8 holders to receive free 2D NFTs for collectible purposes. The more 3D NFTs they own, the more 2D NFTs they will be given later.


The IC8 collection has 5 assets (Hair, Glasses, Mask, Weapon and Spaceship). Each asset has 6 levels (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythical, Legend and Limited), corresponding with 5 different colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink).


ICE Studio - Let’s us help you
open a legendary of blockchain

ICE Studio is a young generation having confidence in the development of Blockchain. Our community is built upon active operation and solid development on top social media sites.

Meta8, an ecosystem created by ICE Studio, is composed of experienced developers and marketers who aim to form a well-established ecosystem where enthusiasts can reap profits on Blockchain.

Our Partner

Entrepot.app, developed by Toniqlabs, is the first NFT marketplace on the Internet Computer blockchain. It offers a pivotal role in the digital world: a point of exchange where users can store and trade digital assets in a decentralized and unregulated manner.


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